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City areas that encourage vertical gardening create a better and more attractive living environment for residents while contributing to the present and future well-being of planet earth through this environmentally beneficial form of urban agriculture. These lush, verdant, vertical spaces with green crops thriving in busy metropolis centres filter many harmful pollutants from the air along with harmful carbon dioxide as they stretch upward on the sides of tall commercial buildings, factories or municipal buildings. An increasing number of apartment complexes are also promoting this form of health-enhancing gardening as a cost-effective way of producing food in urban areas while conserving horizontal spaces in parks, courtyards and garden areas of residential buildings as recreational areas for residents.

Many homeowners in and around cities today are building beautiful and productive vertical gardens in Sydney that stretch upward along the exterior walls of their houses. In addition, office building owners and managers are hiring professional landscapers with experience in creating and maintaining vertical gardens to install and nurture this attractive wall-climbing vegetation in the lobbies of their buildings. In this way they are lending their support to this healthful trend toward improving the environment with vertically growing plant life.

Benefits of Vertical Gardens for Homes Across Australia Today

There are multiple valuable benefits of creating vertical gardens for homes throughout Australia today, including the following:

• Healthier Environmental Conditions. – With reduced pollution and better supplies of oxygen in city air, residents and workers in urban areas are more likely to enjoy increased degrees of good health while benefiting from greater energy and stamina. Parents will be relieved to know that their children are breathing healthier air while enjoying good nutrition from the naturally growing fruits and vegetables stretching along the walls right outside their homes, apartment buildings or commercial complexes where they work.

• Local Food Supplies for Cities. – Cities gain economic advantages from having freshly grown produce readily available for consumption by residents at home, in restaurants or in workplace cafeterias, coffee shops and other eateries. No longer must local stores and produce markets pay high prices to have these food items shipped and delivered to their urban locations by large commercial farms and wholesale food distributors from many miles away. As a result, consumers will pay lower prices for produce bought in local stores, and some will enjoy financial gains from selling fruits, vegetables and flowers grown along walls right outside their windows and doors. Other city residents will not need to purchase as much produce from local markets since they are now growing their own in their attractive, productive, vertical garden plots.

• Greater Urban Awareness and Understanding of Farming. – Vertical gardens in cities promote greater awareness and understanding of the health benefits of local farming among city dwellers. Children and adults alike learn about the many important aspects of planting, cultivating and harvesting foods from their lush green gardens stretching upward toward the skyline to remind everyone of the great value of respecting, preserving and bettering our natural environment.

By contacting the experts at Growing Well Garden Design serving the entire Sydney area and surrounding regions, you will receive state-of-the-art information, advice and creation of your ideal vertical gardens for your home. These experienced professional gardeners, Sydney landscape designers and horticulturists will help you realize your dream of building and nurturing the best possible vertical gardening space to benefit everyone in your household. They will help you create a beautiful, lush environment to surround and embellish your entire home life environment.