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You may want to create stunning and practical vertical gardens to enhance the exterior walls of your home or to help other companies in your office building install a large, high-reaching and massive garden of healthy greenery on the exterior or interior walls of your building’s entrance and lobby area. For both of these eco-friendly, health-promoting and cost-effective projects, you will need the services of a well-qualified, experienced professional landscaping business.

With a team of expert gardening pros to advise and assist you during every phase of your plans, you will enjoy the end result of beautiful, rich green foliage and vines filled with your favorite fruits, vegetables and flowers growing vertically on the walls. Not only will this heavenly garden of delights provide elegant, natural decor for the inside or outside walls of your home or workplace, but it will also improve the air quality in your neighborhood while providing nutritional meal and snack ingredients on an ongoing basis.

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire the Services of Professional Landscapers

Primary reasons for hiring top quality professional landscapers to design and install your vertical garden or redesign and refurbish your deck, terrace, courtyard of other outdoor areas adjoining your home or workplace facilities include the following:

• Site Inspection and Evaluation. – The best expert landscaping professionals will first perform a careful, thorough inspection and evaluation of the area of your home or business site where you want to build a green wall garden or add the elegance and beauty of plants, flower beds or stonework. They will give you excellent guidance in selecting rich green plants that will grow and flourish, interspersed in spring and summer with the bright, natural hues of growing vegetables, fruits and flowers. These experienced gardeners and horticulturists can recommend the ideal combination of plants to help you enjoy healthy, full foliage, fruits and blossoms while you breathe cleaner, healthier air and look forward to enjoying the naturally growing foods of your choice.

• Courtyard Vertical Plantings. – Your top quality landscapers and gardeners will install your ideal wall garden at your home or business location. With the best possible vertical farming equipment and supplies, including sturdy pallets and the ideal soil and natural nutrient supplements for nurturing your plants, these experts will ensure that your first attempt at vertical urban farming is off to an excellent start. Courtyard wall gardens can be mounted on lattice work, outdoor space divider screens or retainer walls as well as on exterior building walls. In many instances, these vertical garden plots become the main decorative elements of a home or business courtyard setting. The flowers and edible vegetation that they produce can be used for decoration or in the preparation of healthy, delicious recipes.

• Deck Renovation or Updating. – Regular meals or entertaining on the outdoor deck is very popular among many homeowners today. Many apartment complexes and business facilities also include outdoor terrace of deck areas for relaxing, social events and casual entertainment. Decks surrounded or decorated with attractive, healthy plants and wall-climbing vegetation are always enjoyable places for family, friends or business associates to gather and hold informal meetings or enjoy relaxing conversation.

When you engage the expert services of the professional team at Growing Well Garden Design serving Sydney and surrounding regions, you will receive the very best in top-tier landscaping design, gardening advice, vertical gardens installation and many additional types of horticultural advice and assistance. Whether you are planning to build a series of wall gardens for your home or working with others at your company facilities to create an extensive outdoor courtyard garden environment, this fine group of landscape and gardening professionals will offer the ideal skillful and knowledgeable advice, assistance and support to build and maintain the most beautiful and successful urban garden farm of your dreams.