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You can enhance and enliven any empty wall space on or nearby your home’s exterior with design and construction of an attractive green wall or vertical garden. Whether you want vegetables, herbs or flowers growing on the wall adjoining your terrace, courtyard or along the brick expanses of your garage wall, a lush, colourful garden growing vertically will add beauty and usefulness to your home’s outdoor spaces. Both you and your neighbors will enjoy the attractive, healthy atmosphere offered by the addition of a green wall of herbal plants or a multi-coloured floral bed stretching upwards along a garden wall, section of tall latticework or property-dividing fence. What was previously a rather drab or dull building side can become a delightful, tall-reaching garden of rich, healthy plant life to brighten up your property walls, lawn or garden and surrounding areas.

The Numerous Benefits of Vertical Garden Designs to Surround Your Home or Commercial Building

Significant benefits of having vertically stretching, attractive garden designs surrounding and enhancing the exterior areas of your home or commercial building include the following:

• Create an Eco-Friendly Environment and Support Sustainability. – By designing, planting and maintaining a vertical garden on a wall, fence or other upright structure in your backyard or adjoining your pool or garden area, you are creating a charming, eco-friendly environment. This enticing outdoor entertainment and relaxation area will have clean, revitalized air due to the fact that plants use carbon dioxide, which pollutes the atmosphere and lessens the healthy value of the oxygen levels in the air. When you keep a healthy, well-nourished wall garden growing and expanding throughout the warm months, or for the entire year, you also are supporting today’s worldwide efforts toward global sustainability of all varieties of plant life.

• Add Beauty and Privacy to Your Property.
– A vertical garden outside your home’s solarium windows or growing upward on a stone wall that borders one side of your property will add pleasing colour and beauty to your home and its lawn area. If you adorn the sides of your tiered garden walkway or your deck’s decorative lattice work with high reaching walls of greenery, fruit vines or flowering plants, you will also create private, relaxed hideaways amidst your home’s exterior areas where you can enjoy casual visits or partying with your friends, neighbors and business associates. When you can combine the valuable benefits of beauty and privacy in the attractive outdoor living spaces of your home, you are greatly enhancing the curb appeal of your property while improving your use and enjoyment of your property.

• Shield Your Home or Business from Direct Sunlight. – By creating a healthy and attractive vertical garden for your entire household, your friends and other visitors to experience and enjoy, you can also protect both the exterior and interior of your house or your business offices from the fading damage of strong and persistent direct sunlight. Your indoor window curtains, blinds and other types of window treatments will last longer. In addition, paint colours on the exterior of your house will not lose their vital appeal and luster. Wood railings and trim decorating your home will also remain smooth and free from drying and cracking.

When you consult the planting, gardening and landscaping experts at Growing Well, serving Sydney and all nearby regions, you will be able to gain the many health benefits of having a lush, colourful and eco-friendly vertical garden designed and installed on an outdoor wall, high fence or other tall structure adjoining or nearby your house. Your exterior home property will glow with vibrant new hues and healthy vegetation to brighten up your home’s overall external beauty and lasting appeal.