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If you are considering designing a garden to enhance the landscaping around your home, you need not worry about the cost of this healthy, creative and environmentally supportive project. Although many homeowners assume that a garden area on their property will be costly to initiate and expensive to maintain, there are actually various ways to create and care for your Sydney garden design without overspending. By building your dream garden economically in a conservative, practical way, you and everyone in your household can enjoy the feelings of joy and well-being experienced from surrounding yourself with fresh-growing, natural beauty of your choice. You will gain much healthy relaxation from stepping outside your door and into your blossoming flower garden or mini-herb farm.

Today’s Savvy Low-Maintenance Garden Design and Landscape Ideas

• Select Perennials and Native Plants. – Practical and colourful perennial flowers like lilies, geraniums, daisies, chrysanthemums and lavender need only to be planted once to provide many future seasons of colourful displays in your garden. Whether you plant them in a flowerbed, window box or decorative urn, these flowering plants will prevail to return every year, with minimal care of watering and occasional garden weeding. When you choose native plants to fill your garden with additional vibrant shades and hues, you will be reinforcing your garden’s need for only low maintenance to grow and flourish. Especially since these flowering plants are accustomed to the local soil, climate and growing conditions, they will have less need for regular watering than exotic plants from other locations, terrains and cultivating conditions.

• Use Organic or Stone Mulch.
– If you use organic mulch for planting your garden, your plants will need watering and weeding less frequently than they would if surrounded by less pure mulch. However, if you choose a non-organic, stone mulch, it will not break down like organic mulch and will not require replacing. Using a blower to rid your garden of dried leaves and other debris is essentially all the upkeep needed, other than regular watering and occasional weeding, when you have used stone mulch. Regardless of which variety of mulch you choose for your garden, putting down mulch alleviates large numbers of weeds from sprouting, and the soil will retain moisture longer than it would without a layer of protective mulch.

• Use Hard Landscaping and Include Garden Accessories and Artworks. – Make use of hard landscaping methods such as including timber trellises, stones and a brick or stone wall, and, if you like, paint some of these natural items and materials with bright, nature-inspired colours. By adding scenic tile murals or stone fountains to your garden haven, you will attract birds, butterflies and bees to help prune and pollinate your flowering plants while keeping the harmful insect population under control. Vertical or hanging gardens that stretch upward along walls or grow suspended in hanging baskets along tall fences are very popular today, extending the beauty and luster of freshly blooming plant life along these flat surfaces for viewing by your neighbors and passersby as well as everyone in or visiting your home.

When you consult the garden design and creation experts at Growing Well Garden Design, providing gardening guidance and services throughout Central Sydney, nearby suburbs, and other surrounding regions, you will realize the low-maintenance garden of your dreams. These gardening pros will help you determine the ideal type, style and size garden to meet your specific preferences and needs for a modern, attractive, low-cost, beautiful, eco-supportive garden space that you will nurture and enjoy for many seasons to come.