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Vertical Gardens

Courtyard or Office – Greenwalls transform empty walls

Lush green plants bring an empty wall to life! Whether it be ferns, flowers, vegetables or herbs why not transform your unused space?

Offices, restaurants, home owners and apartment residents can now install vertical gardens with food. Cost benefits are overshadowed by the health advantages of super fresh food at home. The upright space saving ‘wall feature’ of an edible vertical garden is a wonderful opportunity for everyone, aesthetic and environmental advantages and benefits are full of appeal. Why not renovate an office, courtyard or any interior-exterior space with a vertical garden either lush foliage or edible plants?

In the workplace a Green Wall shows a company’s support for the environment and sustainability, whilst improving everyones workplace. Additionally, contribution to natural air quality, reducing noise levels, and absorbing carbon dioxide are key advantages. Plants are proven to add to people’s enjoyment and comfort, reducing stress levels.

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Box of 10 for $70 | 1 unit/box = 10 pots

Do you have a blank wall you would like to refresh with a green wall? Just measure in square meters (m2) and purchase by the box below. Renovate your courtyard, terrace, side passage or fence and make a stunning feature with a vertical garden. Assembling a kit is so simple and reliable that you can do it yourself.  The Wall Garden system will accomodate a standard irrigation system connected from the garden tap.


    • Multi Hang is designed to fit any wall surface easily.
    • Simply hang on Wire Mesh, Timber Rail, or Lattice.
    • Easily remove pots and tend to your plants.
    • Perfect for Herbs in a courtyard or balcony.
    • Just add 4 litres of soil per pot and water.
    • Capacity: 4.7L / module
    • 0.6 square metres per box
    • Equals $112 per square meter
    • Module Dimensions 250mmH x 200 W x 200 L
    • Recycled Black Polypropylene
    • By Wallgarden Australia


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Home Applications

Green walls are a great choice whether you want to screen a property from public view, create a natural, visually appealing façade or provide the occupants of a building with shade from direct sunlight. Our eco-friendly vertical gardens are easy to maintain, relatively inexpensive to install and infinitely more attractive than a plain brick or concrete wall. In addition to being both beautiful and functional, your new outdoor wall garden will help to boost your green credentials and enhance the local environment at the same time. Call our Sydney office to discuss the type of wall you would like us to create for your home or business.

Commercial Applications

Our involvement in Green Wall and Vertical Garden solutions for clients including the City of Sydney and Altis Property, and design consultation on a range of successful projects has established our reputation. Growing Well eco gardens Sydney has a presence in the greening cities marketplace. We have a commitment to contemporary and sustainably focused landscape solutions to enhance commercial and residential buildings. Our expertise in designing native dry tolerant and ecologically friendly gardens, extends to Green Wall and Vertical Garden installations.

Promoting eco focused benefits has been a long term aspect of Growing Well’s philosophy for a range of reasons; Increasing the amount of greenspaces is a universal objective for contemporary living and work environments. Enhancing a building’s visual impact both inside and outside, renewal of dull interiors or exterior walls with flourishing greenery, and living breathing plant life contributes more than just aesthetics by improving the health of employees. Sustainabilty aligned benefits include reducing power consumption by reducing temperatures, recycling rain runoff and improving city hard surfaces by introducing living greenery.

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