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Growing Well eco gardens Sydney has been established in landscaping and horticulture since 2000 and we apply ecologically based designs and work practices. Our company is committed to sustainable contemporary garden design and construction techniques.

We create ecologically sound gardens for residential homes, apartments and commercial projects and are a recommended installer for Vertical Gardens, Green Walls and drainage solutions with Atlantis. A part of Growing Well’s philosophy for Landscape gardens is described below.

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Making a sustainable eco garden

Reducing the consumption of resources means curbing usage of water, energy and materials in the garden as well as throughout the home. The use of recycled and sustainable materials in the construction of landscaped gardens is certainly desirable. Building an outdoor area such as a paved courtyard or Al Fresco dining area will mean increasing the carbon footprint, however choosing renewable hardwood is one typical way to improve on the process. Limiting the amounts of exterior hard surfaces in line with council requirements means you have the opportunity to form microclimates around the home by extending green spaces. The intensity of plantings will reduce the build up of heat in summer months and thereby minimise energy consumption from air conditioners. By effective plant schemes most homes will achieve the benefit of cutting energy consumption when trees, shrubs and wall plantings are applied constructively, and not simply chosen for decoration. In winter the beautiful affects of deciduous trees have the dual benefit of exposing walls and paving to the sun, effectively warming the home. Growing Well eco gardens supports the establishment of fruit and vegetables in the garden and can assist in the design of wall gardens.

The design phase of establishing a new garden is a chance to chose plants that are well suited to your location, soil and the native fauna. Growing Well eco gardens will give advice on local plants that can assist in securing the habitat of indigenous birds and insects. Applying advanced methods of construction when paving, and building garden walls enables improved use of valuable water supply around the garden. The position of drains, sub-surface drainage and establishing rain-gardens allows smarter control over runoff around the property. A rainwater tank is always the ideal, however there are ways to always improve on your garden structures. Greywater systems too are a great way to recycle, and not complicated to include in most gardens. One imperative starting point is to condition garden soil to obtain appropriate water retention. Rather than importing soils continually it is better to maintain the quality of the existing soil and achieve rich humous layer at the surface through regular mulching. The result is conserving water directly by reducing irrigation and hand watering.

A sustainable garden can undoubtedly be more attractive and satisfying than a highly manufactured one. In terms of creativity, interest and impression a garden incorporating environmentally friendly construction materials with ingenious motifs and sculptures can be much more exciting and enjoyable. Reclaimed and recycled materials have a special beauty all their own, sculptures and a variety of art made from metal, stone and wood can create an unmatched character and give a special note to an eco garden.

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